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Consequences of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack

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The main thing to understand about the 2001 terrorist attack in New York is that on September 11, the al-Qaeda international terrorist group actually declared war on the United States and the whole West, its debauchery and the absence of any values (from the point of view of terrorists), lifestyle and mentality.

As follows from numerous interviews with Islamist ultraradicals, including the number 1 terrorist, the late Osama bin Laden, the moral foundations of society were one of the main reasons for hatred of the Western world.

Destroyed the superpower myth

After the Soviet Union collapsed, Al-Qaeda was convinced that she had played an important role in this process, if she had not crushed the USSR at all. This was stated by CNN the head of the group in 1997, saying that they “destroyed the myth of superpowers.” Accordingly, this confidence allowed them to switch to the United States and the decisiveness with which they did so led to a number of quite serious terrorist attacks, for example, an explosion in the WTC garage in 1993, when 6 people were killed and more than 1,000 wounded or an attack on a USS ” Cole “in Yemen in 2000. The most crushing blow of September 11, 2001 could not but entail a response, which, by the way, al-Qaeda hoped for.

The West will respond with aggression to aggression

According to many politicians and orientalists, for example, such an authoritative specialist in this field as Georgy Mirsky, chief researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, bin Laden hoped that the West would respond with aggression to aggression and this would help to turn as much as possible Muslims against the “Big Shaitan” – America.

Best defense is attack

This is exactly what happened – in the next decade, the principles of preventive warfare, that is, the position “the best defense is an attack,” were actively used by the United States, an example of which is the invasion of Afghanistan, where the goal was to overthrow the Taliban regime, which gave al-Qaeda refuge, and also the invasion of Iraq, where the struggle was already under the pretext of suspicion of the existence of weapons of mass destruction.

UN Approval

It is interesting that the corresponding UN approval was created after the fact – when the bombing lasted for more than two months. As you know, no nuclear program was discovered in Iraq, which gave even more confidence to those who declared their focus on the US material benefit in operations in Iraq, namely, to gain control over local oil. An argument against this may be the fact that in fact the reserves of oil available for oil production in Iraq make up a not so significant percentage of the global market, therefore it is hardly worth categorically justifying it only and exclusively for them to costly invade a foreign country.

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The public and the problem of international terrorism

Nevertheless, returning to the main topic, the above also suggests that after September 11, the public has become much more concerned about the problem of international terrorism and quite a lot can be justified in the fight against it.

Those who oppose ultra-radical Islamists find public support, often very serious. In other words, George W. Bush and his successors received a good excuse to openly declare who the enemies of the country are and to justify any aggression against them with security considerations.

By the way, another important mass phenomenon was the widespread association of Muslims and immigrants from many Asian countries with mass terror, unjustified aggression and a number of other negative things. It was 2001 that brought such an opinion to the masses and consolidated the stigma of terrorism for Islam.


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